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Different Types of Candy

There are so many different types of candy that it would be impossible to list them all, so let me just describe a few right here. Man has spent thousand of years perfecting little morsels to be plunked in the mouth and sucked on, crunched, chewed, or merely swallowed. The American Indians had their candy in the form of sassafras, and without corn syrup. Any country with sugarcane knows how delightfully sweet the canes are to chew. But here in America, we do things right and eat the best candy there is.

Everyone agrees that gummy bears and candy bars snuck into church by children on Sunday night make the sermon go much faster. When different flavored gummy bears aren't available, chewing gum will do just as well. It's a type of candy made from gum base, sweetened with sugar or low calorie xylitol for those weight watchers who can't afford to put on any fat. Popcorn balls just would not fit into the pockets very well. Almost as good as gummy bears, chocolate deserves high mention for it's delicious taste.

Chocolate candy comes in my types, sizes, and shapes. There's good-ole Nestlé's semi-sweet chocolate, always available as kisses. And who wouldn't want to share some chocolates with a girlfriend. Girls like chocolate, especially on Valentine's Day, which is the perfect day to give her a special kind of chocolate such as tasty Gianduja when you're in love, or maybe bittersweet chocolate if you've had a fight. I personally like milk chocolate because it's soft and melts in mouth. Some types of chocolates are smooth and good for coating onto other desserts. Good chocolate usually come in boxes, and Whitman's makes a great box of chocolates to get someone. They come with nuts, in fruit flavor creams, but not ice cream, and in flavors such as vanilla or coffee.

Hard candy, such as Jolly Ranchers, is good to suck on. They have strong flavor that usually taste like a fruit, such as watermelon, orange, raspberry, apple. But Sucking on these all day will make your teeth rot out. If you go to the dentist, just explain that you like to eat lots of candy. He might ask what type you eat and if he does, tell him you like the kind that is hard, and it comes in the little plastic wrappers, but you like other types, too.
   Use a blender, ice, and a package of strawberry margarita mix. Cook with delicious Italian caprino cheese.